On Alex Linder of Whigger Nationalist fame 

I'm trolling VNN and Alex Linder put my posts on moderation. What a faggot.

President Camacho:
Isn't Krugman supposed to be a "center-left" skeptic and Keynesian while Friedman positions himself as a "center-right" neoliberal Milton Friedman type?

President Camacho:
These fucking Jews, hawking their cheap ideas like pushcart merchants

President Camacho:
Friedman net worth: $25 million | Krugman net worth: $2.5 million

Everybody basically accepts that paradigm though

President Camacho:
Conclusion, Friedman is the more powerful and dangerous kike

Linder's notion is that the government and the Jews are preventing him from getting rich

If it wasn't for ''socialism'', every asshole who makes 25k a year would be rich

President Camacho:
Yeah, thats the point

I'm convinced that this battalion of internet libertarians have never worked for a large company in their lives

They think going to work for a large law firm or working for a major insurance company is like working for Henry Ford in 1925

Some autocratic, heroic, man-of-industry creating billions of dollars through cunning and guile and will, only to be snubbed by ''liberals'' who misallocate his wealth. These people have the minds of children

i watched schindler's list commercial free because of ford

President Camacho:
yes, i poasted on vnn several years... Linder tries to combine Ron Paul's libertarianism with Goldwater/Buchanan/Reaganite republicanism and Hitler's promotion of vertical expulsion and mobilization against the Jews

''bros - the point of life and society is to make money and consume shitty products. Everything else is garbage. But the fucking Jews are killing my sacred culture!''


Bronze Age Pervert: who is your favorite porn star
Thomas777: Porn is for fags and sissies
Asterion: And yet BAP watches it
Thomas777: Cuckolds watch porn obsessively
Thomas777: BAP is the ultimate sissy cuckold
Thomas777: Realistically, if you're stronger than an 11 year old girl, BAP would submit to you as a fuck boy
Bronze Age Pervert: thomas is here in heroin-fueled frenzy to traduce my sexual power, by which he is intimidated

Marriage Equality and Chick-Fli-A

Thomas777: I like how it doesn't bother Americans that companies like Dow manufacture stuff that is designed to massacre people, but they are outraged about men selling fried foods who aren't keen to homosexuality.

Greg Johnson and The Power-bottom Right


Counter Currents deserves credit for publishing things like Kerry Bolton's essays and translating texts like Codreanu's prison letters and diaries. Its otherwise entirely worthless.

The New Right moniker doesn't make any sense either. What is the ''Old Right''? Is Greg Johnson organizing farmers and workers in beer cellars to the chagrin of the monarchy and the Papacy? Its extraordinarily lame. ''White Nationalism'' should be destroyed, frankly. Not because it has any significance or importance in its own right, but its existence brings disrepute to the right - not because its not ''respectable'', but because its historically retarded and entirely disengaged from reality.


I have no idea if Johnson is a homosexual or not, and I have no interest in the subject. I do know however that Johnson is some Bay Area academic who seems to enjoy a cushy life of hedonistic distractions, concomitant with a lame and libertine attitude about every political topic except race. He comes off like a NIMBY libertarian who got frightened when he noticed that niggers hang around his neighborhood sometimes. We have to assume that he's running a ''Fascist'' publishing house as a way of making a living while simultaneously appearing edgy in the eyes of his peers he undoubtedly aims to impress.

People like this are shitbirds, and they're essentially ego-driven. Such is the biography of every ''White Nationalist''. Their raison d'etre is ego satisfaction. They're the political equivalent of the high school dipshit in a leather jacket who got expelled before graduation for reaching up the teacher's skirt.

Johnson is basically a fag regardless of his sexual proclivities. WNs are by definition fags

Modern American News Coverage:

Thomas777: Im watching NHK world

niccolo and donkey: what is that

Thomas777: Japan news in English. They're covering North Korea. The N. Korean news is kind of hamming it up. They've got this lady who is imitating 1950s Stalinists in a bad pantsuit threatening to build antiquated rockets and yelling a lot.

niccolo and donkey: ah

Thomas777: I like Japanese and French news b/c it actually reports on world events. Its not womens entertainment mixed in with Holocaust updates

Thomas777: Typical American news: report on how to bleach your asshole, followed by an interview with a man who hid in an SS officer's television set and put on puppet shows every night to avoid detection during the Holocaust

On Baby Boomers:

Typical Boomer = beta fucktard with a massively swollen prostate, a homosexual son, 2 ex wives, a pension that was annihilated in 2008. Thinks he's not part of history's dogshit pile because a nigger is President, and he's convinced he stopped the VN war by smoking weed and making a sign, in the same way a little child believes he can cause a thunderstorm if it coincides with him flapping his arms wildly

At The Movies:

Thomas777: Rocky 4 proves Kerry Bolton's and Yockey's claim that Stalin-ism was less destructive than American democracy. Aryans using authoritarian science to prevail over niggers and guidos who love culture-distorting theatrics