February 23, 2015

The Sham of Willpower

>it's called willpower bro maybe you should try it

Those normies who preach "willpower" had early positive experiences both at home and among peers that heavily outweighed the negative experiences. Therefore, it's easier for them to motivate themselves due to self belief and high self-esteem that has been reinforced into them early on and has carried through into adulthood. Any "bump" in the road will be met with a shrug as they'll simply remind themselves of all the positive experiences and "get on with it". Most of us here on the other hand have dealt with overprotective parents, lack of male role models, abuse, rejection from peers, humiliation, and failure in most of our goals (resulting from the aforementioned). Naturally, we resort to distract ourselves using the internet and video games where no one will judge or berate us. This leads to further social isolation and seeing how most things that normies and society consider "meaningful" involve some sort of interaction with normies at one point or another, we inevitably fail. I feel for the wizbros who are forced into wage slavery or college, because the slightest bump/misfortune is met with crushing depression because we know it only gets worse, and it sure as fuck does.

-- Anon from WizChan.org