Deconstructing the PUA fraud "The Alpha male"

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User "Master Yoda":

Given the dumbed down and oversexed society we live in, where a man's worth is falsely based on how many women he beds, as opposed to his contribution to society, to answer your question, I guess guy #1 is what would be considered "alpha", guy # 2 would probably be alpha as well, but guys #3 and #4 would be considered "beta" males.

In any case Alan, we can argue until we go black and blue in the face regarding the dynamics of male-female sexual relationships, but the bottom line is this:

1) There is no such thing as being "good" with women, women PRESELECT the men they want, and this is mostly based on the man's looks,race and financial resources (yes, women have very strong racial preferences when it comes to men).

2) Women are shallow, superficial creatures that are attracted to shiny things, and if you don't pass the looks, race and money test with a woman, it's game over, lights out, and no amount of "game" or any other PUA dumbfuckery is going to change a woman's mind if she has already rejected you.

3) As with point #1, women are the CHOOSERS, when it comes to sex/or relationships, and as the choosers they are also JUDGE, JURY and EXECUTIONER when it comes to gauging your true SEXUAL MARKET VALUE.

I rest my case.

Master Yoda:

No Alan, Ceran absolutely nailed it with his summation of the word confidence and how it relates to attracting women, and I will expand on that with my own definition of what the word confidence actually means.

"Confidence is a SELF ASSURED FEELING (free of self doubt), that one will achieve a positive outcome, based on PREVIOUS, PERFORMANCE, ACCOMPLISHMENT".

You can only be as confident with a woman as she allows you to be, and I will qualify my reasons why. For example, if you are interacting with a woman you have an interest in, and she is giving you evasive or hostile body language eg. she turns her back on you, she gives you the "silent treatment", dirty looks etc, then your confidence (or that self assured feeling), is going to plummet because you know you are being rejected. On the other hand, if a woman is giving you inviting body language, eg. she moves in on your personal space, she constantly touches you, smiles at you, actively participates in the conversation etc, then your confidence will rise, because you know that there is a good chance you are going to get lucky.

I am sorry, but your NBA star Michael Jordan analogy is a poor one, because you what you are doing here is, is that you are suggesting that picking up women is a skill, that once learned can be replicated again and again. Once again, picking up women is NOT a skill, women PRESELECT the men they want, based on the man's looks, race, money and status.

Learning how to play basketball actually is a skill, that once learned can be replicated again and again, and in the case of NBA legend Michael Jordan, he mastered his chosen sport with great skill.

You see a basketball is a neutral object, and it doesn't care whether you miss the hoop or not, and assuming you shoot the basketball in the right direction with the correct amount of force, the basketball will pretty much land in the hoop or if you have the height and know how to jump you can just slam dunk it. A woman on the other hand is a human being (Captain Obvious I know), who has a mind of her own, that can work with or against you, regardless how tight your "game" is. Some women will find you attractive, others will think you are an ugly creep, when you are dealing with a woman, you have NO control over the outcome.

Yes, I have given up on the dating scene (or should that be called the hook up culture), because I have had a fucking gut full of being rejected and humiliated by women, no thanks, I have my pride and dignity as a man, and there is no dignity in being made to look like a fool. If I want sex, I just go to hookers (prostitution is legal here in Australia), and I have to say the hookers I see, give me a great service for a very reasonable price.


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