"Capitalism to follow Communism in collapse"

Capitalism to follow Communism in collapse, spokesman for the Moscow Patriarchate says

Moscow, August 8 2007, Interfax - A representative for the Russian Orthodox Church has foretold collapse of the Capitalist system.

‘Nazism fell, Communism fell, and so Capitalism is going to fall in a few decades. The political framework of capitalism is doomed,’ the vice-chair of the Moscow Patriarchate Department for External Church Relations Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin said Wednesday during the press conference at Interfax’s central office in Moscow.

According to him, ‘no society based of only priorities earthly human life is capable of surviving.’ ‘Any society that declares the man to be God is doomed. Capitalism and its political system is doomed just as Marxism and Nazism and their political systems were doomed,’ he said.

In this connection he added that ‘discussion about place of religion of the life of society and about what should be the basis of the society, is not finished; it only begins.’

According to him, ‘the historic aspects touched during the discussion, unmask the mythic belief that a social system, based on earthly human interests, is ideal.’

The ‘scientific worldview’ myth has already been unmasked during the discussion, Chaplin said. ‘Science and worldview is not the same. The scientific ideology and what was declared to be ‘scientific worldview’ failed to bring about a good social order and explain the origin of things,’ he said.

According to Chaplin, ‘any attempt to base social order on natural sciences or humanities means ideologization.’ ‘There cannot be a universal ideology, a science-based worldview, neither can such a view be made an obligatory non-alternative basis for education. Scientific ideology cannot be an obligatory state ideology without any other choice,’ he said.

Meanwhile Fr. Vsevolod noted that ‘the church should not be an instrument of the authorities, a part of the state machine.’ ‘However the church cannot be separated from the society, since the church includes not only men in black but also artists, writers, businesspeople, soldiers, and all who identify themselves as Orthodox Christians. Of course they have influenced and will influence the life of state and society,’ he said.

‘It would be wrong and contrary to our modern constitutional principles to prevent that,’ he said.