Sermon on the Mormons


From the Salt Lake City News, July 24, 2003, we read the following:

"The Orthodox Church is getting more assertive, it's getting into politics and schools," said the head of the LDS, in his fourth year in Moscow. "They seek and often receive preferential treatment in Russia. There is no big difference between discrimination against someone and in favor of someone. The result is the same."

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) officially started its activities here in 1990, when Russia still was part of the Soviet Union and Mikhail Gorbachev's "perestroika" reforms were in full swing. Even then, it was not formally registered as a branch of a U.S.-based church, but as a Russian-based "religious association" with a Russian president at the helm, a position now held by Vladimir Nechiporov. "This is just a formality," Callister said. "Most government officials call us a church anyway."

At present, there are 44 Mormon missions and 16,000 members of that sect in Russia (at least according to official LDS figures.) One of the great evils in modern times is how heretics and schismatics have attempted to infiltrate formerly Marxist-dominated Slavic lands. As all these groups are extremely worldly, and hence wealthy. These crazy sects have attempted to take advantage of the confusion in post-Marxist Russia, not merely in the case of the confused political situation (particularly in the early 1990s), but also the confusion among Orthodox peoples both in Russia and Ukraine, peoples who are struggling to reestablish their identity after generations of violent persecution. Protestants and other extremist sects came into the country, without the slightest knowledge of her history and sufferings, with millions of dollars, smug smiles and glossy pamphlets, and sought to take advantage of the psychological confusion of the nation. Heretics can be expected to act in no other way.

Most of these groups deliberately sought to hide their religious affiliation, often referring to themselves as “Orthodox” in public, and even using traditional domes on their “churches.” Their entire life in Russia has been one of deceit. Many of the crazed Protestants arrive in Russia explicitly seeking the implementation the Bush administration’s neo-con policy of overthrowing Putin and his Orthodox supporters. It is no surprise that these semi-illiterate Protestants were demanding Putin support Bush’s war in Iraq. Their mission is far more political than religious, and the implementation of the Republican ideology is as much a part of their work as the “salvation of souls.” Of course, support for Israel is a major prop in their arsenal, and often, modern Protestantism is reducible to this sort of political agitation concerning the administration’s policies in the Mideast. Russians have every right to repel these political crusaders with polyester pants, condescending smiles and huge bank accounts. Once Russia realizes that Protestants and Mormons, among the other hundreds of sects in Russia, are primarily secular, political organizations, the legal landscape will and should change. Most religion, regardless of creed, is largely an excuse for manipulation, power, moneymaking and a quick exemption from taxes, and more specifically, the Protestants in Russia are proving this in spades. Under Soviet Marxism, the church was regularly humiliated by Kosmonol robots, today, they are attacked and humiliated by rich Protestants and their Republican backers in America.

The account continues:

Callister recalled how the church tried to get the mayor of the city of Volgograd to approve an already-completed church building, and finally had to sue to get the approval. A similar situation occurred in the Ural city of Chelyabinsk. Opponents of the church building even put a cross in a corner of the church-owned lot, with a sign calling Mormons "enemies of God." Again, the mission sued and won. The city appealed, and the church won again.

Interesting. I thought Putin’s Russia was authoritarian. How is it that this bizarre, Masonic sect is able to win judicial victory after judicial victory? Partially, it is because the Mormons are extremely wealthy. The LDS has substantial ownership interests in the pushers of junk food and obesity in America, including Taco Bell, Pepsi and Pizza Hut, though their members are normally forbidden to partake of this garbage personally. It is the force of this money, in my view, that permits the Mormons to function the way they do. Like all sectarian movements in Russia, the Mormons deliberately hide their true beliefs to the often befuddled Russian. However, I would like to trace a few of the key beliefs of Mormonism, and I borrow some information here from ex-Mormon researcher Richard Packham. Unsurprisingly, Mormons do not tell the neophyte their true belief until far into the initiation rituals. Mormons are not told the content of their “religion” until they have developed a personal, emotional and financial interest in the organization, and many former Mormons have testified.

  • According to Mormon ideology, Lucifer/Satan and God are brothers, repeating the classic Masonic yin/yang dictum. Good and evil are two sides of the same coin. Conveniently, this pseudo-theology not only puts the true Mormon believer beyond good and evil, but also sanctions the lying to potential converts, as well as their massive corporate interests.

  • Adam, the first citizen of the Israelite nation, is identified with God the Father. God the Father, in the Mormon imagination, was a simple man at one time, slowly evolving into Godhood. This is also cribbed rather blatantly from Masonic/Kabbalist ideology. All Mormons are evolving into “godmanhood,” imitating the journal taken by “God the Father” himself.

  • Blacks and American Indians are descendants of Cain. The sin of Cain was punished by the darkening of the skin and flat noses. Once blacks become righteous, they will become white. Interesting, with all the hyper-sensitivity about race and racism in America, that the Mormons are never called onto the carpet for these twisted beliefs. Money talks in America.

  • Mormons believe in the preexistence of souls of classic Gnosticism, often taken by some rather esoteric teachers of Masonry.

  • In a particular twisted belief, the Mormons believe that Jesus came from sexual intercourse between God the Father and Mary. This might be a slight variation on the Talmudic theme that Jesus was the product of a sexual union of a Roman soldier and Mary.

  • Mormons believe that the Garden of Eden is located in central Missouri, and, prior to the flood, all humanity lived in the western hemisphere.

  • When Non-Jews become Mormons will have their blood physically replaced with Israelite blood, that is, the blood of those among the 12 tribes of ancient Israel.

  • Mormons are polytheists. In the universe/cosmos, there are many Gods, each ruling over his/her/its own universe. Mormons who live righteous lives will also become Gods and will receive their own planets or universes to rule over. They will go beyond “good and evil.”

  • In a blatant theft from Masonry, Mormons believe that Jesus lives on a star near the planet Kotob. In Freemasonic myth, civilization, and the rule of money, derives from the abode of Satan (Set-an) on the star Sirius. It is this star that is represented by the demonic pentagram and represents the rule of “reason” over the “mindless” world of matter. It enshrines the rule of the elite, Baconian Atlanteans over the universe of “blind matter,” slowly becoming Gods to replace the “arbitrary” demiurge of the Hebrew Old Testament.
Of course, Mormon racist millionaires will deny all of this. With their smug smile seemingly permanently etched on their faces, they will, in their most condescending tone, explain to us how we have absorbed the world’s misreading of Mormon texts. Unfortunately, there are too many former Mormons who agree that these form the inner/esoteric core of Mormonism, as they do much paganism, modern and ancient. Mormons are dangerous, and the Russian government needs to do all in its power to expel these bizarre people from her midst. Perhaps when they receive their own universes to rule, they can build their own Russia to their own liking. But for now, Russians need to (re)build Russia, and they do not need help from western bankers, politicians, semi-literate Protestants or arrogant D.C. lawyers.

A few sources, mostly from former Mormons far less moderate than myself

  • (According to this site, over 100 corporations in America are secretly controlled by this twisted sect).