Quotes & Sayings II


Bumbling American on "TV Show Kitchen Nightmares" / February 2012

This goes back to something I've noticed about the different versions of this show. People here have pointed out that the U.K. original is a lot smarter than the American translation; Ramsay gives more practical, interesting advice, and the restaurant owners are generally sensible. Granted, the American show is dumb because Ramsay is mugging for the Fox cameras, and the producers love tracking down owners with their heads up their asses and a chip on their shoulders. But it seems there's something else at work: Ramsay comes off as genuinely sympathetic to the Brits because of their extended family ties. They speak the same cultural language and relate to him in a way the Americans--even the down-to-Earth ones--simply can't. When Ramsay talks to a British owner, they're immediately mates. In America, he seems to resent the whole setup: Who's this asshole serving dry meatballs in a strip mall?

Nations made up of people with the same blood, history and traditions--how do they work?


A little backstory on "Why do leftists despise the middle class?" / February 2012

Lots of reasons, some interrelated

Coastal elites/upper middle striver SWPLs hate the solidly unrepentant middle class because they represent everything the SWPL striver has worked to rise above

Church-going, eating at multinational restaurant chains instead of local stylishly obscure dives, caring about football or other earthy pro sports, showing genuine curiosity about one's neighbors, being susceptible to advertising, a lack of managerialist/academic ambitions, solidly pedestrian tastes in decor, music, entertainment, dress... Your average SWPL either came from this background or is one generation away from slipping down into it, and on a visceral level, they know it--this is why the biggest snobs are found among upper middles and striver middle middles, not true uppers; genuinely upper class people usually have nothing to prove and quietly intermarry and socialize within their caste without fanfare or self-congratulatory derision of the lower classes

Another factor would be typical Semitic loathing of the mainstream; as defiantly insular Others, tearing away at the foundations of a healthy host society keeps Jewish cohesion strong while serving to weaken potential group realtalk activities and organization--also most Jews are terribly class insecure, knowing that even the most cultured of them still retain intractably vulgar tastes and customs compared to their white, nominally Christian, Western European betters

The American middle class also tends toward painfully earnest displays of sentiment, something that makes a postmodern smugly detached SWPL cringe; this leads to inevitable mockery of low-hanging fruit like "Hallmark Holidays" and other consumerist displays of predetermined emotional release (Occupy Valentine's Day being a most recent example)

There are surely other causes but these seem to be the most prominent

tl;dr Jews, class insecurity, a deep-seated need to feel better-than/special unlike those UGH VAPID RETHUGLICAN BIGOTS WHO EAT AT OLIVE GARDEN AND BELIEVE IN A VINDICTIVE SKY WIZARD


Cinco Jotas explains 'Game' on "Categories of PUA/HB dynamics" / March 2012

The best and most useful game advice is exactly the same advice responsible adults (parents, teachers, coaches) gave to young men back in the day.

Game Talk, 2012: "Practice alpha body language."
Your Junior High Principal, circa 1960: "Stand up straight. Get your hands out of your pockets. Don't slouch. Look people in the eye when you talk to them."

Game Talk, 2012: "Get yourself in shape. Lifting weights builds confidence. HB9s dig fit guys."
Your Football Coach, circa 1950: "Two more laps, ladies! You candyassed pansies need to build some intestinal fortitude. Ain't no cheerleader gonna look at some limp-wrist Poindexter who can't throw a downfield block."

Game Talk, 2012: "Surround yourself with people who help you display higher value."
Your Mom, circa 1965: "You need to choose your friends more wisely, dear. If Timmy jumped off a bridge would you?"

Game Talk, 2012: "Develop your inner game. Nothing attracts the ladies like a self-confident man who acts like he's a catch. Change your attitude, change your game."
Your Dad, circa 1955: "You need to start acting like a man. Take pride in yourself, son. Don't whine about what life's given you. Change it for the better."

All that jargony bullshit about running scripts and opening sets is incidental to the real nugget of truth: act like a man, not an adolescent metrosexual faggot, and you'll have a decent chance of attracting women.


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