Jews comment on Theophilus III and Christianity

From "Pro-PLO Greek Orthodox Church Leader Ousted" @ INN - 12/19/07

Russian "Greek" Orthodox history is tainted with Jewish blood
The Russian government controls the Greek Orthodox church not Greece. the history of Christian control over the state of Israel is well documented & the battle between Ar'bs & Christians over mosque & church is based on the tombs and homes of Biblical Jews. Starting with the Romans, foreigners paid shekels for a spot & later Ottoman Saladin collected revenue in taxes. Not one of these transactions was legitimate. All were a Den of Thieves according to Ju-zeus. All bare false witness!! Members of this church were Ar'b converts to Christianity.

The Greek Orthodox Church is largely not Christian. Just because they use Christian-sounding words does NOT make them Christian. A Christian is a follower of Christ, not some pompous windbag who hates Jews. Were the Jews involved with having Jesus killed? Yes. Are Christians to hate and revile Jews as a result? No. Real Christians do not hate Jews, do not love the enemies of the Jews (in the sense of supporting those who hate Jews), do not believe that the Christian Church has somehow mystically appropriated the uni-lateral covenant promises made to the Jews through Abraham, and do NOT worship idols (as do most Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox and Catholic adherents). God still has a plan for Israel and His chosen people (the Jews) that will kick back into top gear once the real Church of believers is removed from this planet in the near future. Once that event happens (millions of people disappearing in an instant), you Jews will know without a doubt that any people remaining claiming to be "Christian" (which will be most of the "big churches" previously mentioned) will in fact not be. Any person who favours the children of Ishmael over the children of Jacob is in direct opposition to the God of Abraham's plan and wishes. The Bible says that Ishmael and his descendants would be "wild donkeys" with "his hand turned against everyone, and everyone's hand turned against him" - what clearer picture of the Arab usurpers could you want? All of Israel, from Lebanon to the Wadi of Egypt, and from the Mediterranean to the Euphrates belongs to the Jews. Woe to the person who would steal land given by God to another!

The problem other Christian groups have is the Christian Orthodox practice of relic worship which includes the actual dehydrated head of John the Baptist, the actual dehydrated hand of John the Baptist and the list goes on of dehydrated corpses, feet and so on. The Multi -Christian groups who share the Holy Sepulchre Church, St Helene's Chapel (crypt of tombs) Church of the Nativity etc. all of which have relics of Jews. The question is why do they collect dead relics of Jews when they have live religious Jews to learn spirituality from? Clearly the G-d of Israel does not approve of this method of Christian Orthodox worship. After viewing several photographs of these relics used we all need to pray for the redemption Orthodox Christian groups whose pratices are unacceptable to G-d.

denying that these people are Christians is like we Jews denying Meyer Lansky was a Jew. Cover it up but deep down all Christians hate us because we reject Jesus. You & other Christians all believe we are damned & must be "saved" so please cut the crap as we are not fooled nor are we interested in your dead voodoo man-god

EVERY INCH IS OUR LAND!!!! ALL arabs & (if you are not pro-Israel or want prostulatize and convert) ALL GOYIIM out!!!!!! THIS IS JEWISH LAND ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!! MOSHIACH!!!! KOCH baby!!! KOCH!!!