New Russian TV Ad


English translation:

If you waited for the moment, if you were looking for an opportunity to change your life...
The time has come.
Time for change.
Your time.
The greatest country on earth.
The richest country on earth.
The best country on earth.
Your country, which soon will disappear.
You do nothing, you only use.
Education - your profession is not needed in this country.
Working for some stranger.
You drink.
You smoke.
You blow (hash).
You will die 55-60 yo.
Children - you don't want.
Family - you don't want.
Army - you don't want.
Everything just for yourself.
Look around.
Wake up.
You just live your life, thinking that you are spending it on something useful.
All that will be left after you die - a plate with 16 figures.
Stop lying.
You did not create anything.
You do not build or produce anything.
Do not invent and do not intend to.
You think that you have no relation to Russia.
That someone somewhere will solve everything.
But, in fact, there is no one except you.
You are your country's present, future, past.
The first and last hope.
And this is scary, because you do not want anything.
You're a consumer.
A small battery in a huge foreign system.
What do you consider valuable?
Money, phone, cool clothes, cars, hangouts?
All this is worthless.
But your life is worth something, and your time, your dreams, which do not have.
Look around you, your country is dying.
In the world system we are lumberjacks and miners.
We are noncompetitive.
We will be thorn in pieces at the first opportunity.
No great discoveries or great victories, no great culture.
Here's to you your freedom.
Freedom to be a bandit or a prostitute.
Freedom of self-destruction?
Freedom of self-abasement?
Freedom to be nobody.
Those from whom you are two steps away -- fought, built, raised, and went further to ensure that you will live. And they built a great country.
And you?
Thankless swine, or the one who can change the world?
Noneone or a hero?
The last or first?
Decide for yourself, but know that there is no one except you.
No one will live your life.
Our country has two options: to revive or die.