Cuban Government & Society Deeply Masonic

Three hundred Masonic lodges work in Cuba
09 July 2009, 13:28

Moscow, July 9, Interfax - About 29 thousands Cubans are members of more than 300 Masonic lodges in various cities of the country and at the same time are actively involved in public work, humanitarian and charitable projects.

Ethnic composition of Masonic lodges is very diverse as well as Cuban population in general. Majority of "Freemasons" - over 9 thousand people - live in Havana. Masons act freely, each person can confess that he is a Mason of his own free will, the Tribuna paper has cited Grand Secretary of Cuban Masons Alberto William Rojas Aguilar as saying on Thursday.

Masonic lodges crept over all Cuban provinces in the late 18th century, representatives of elite mostly joint them. Role of Masons was especially significant in the Cuban liberation movement. Before socialism, Masons actively participated in the government, though according to the Grand Secretary, today there is no masons in executive power of Cuba.

"Freemasons" donated money to construct the main Masonic church in Havana in 1955. After the revolution, Masonic property was partly nationalized, the number of Masons abruptly reduced. However, the Masonic church was not closed, offices of several ministries are located there.