Romania has 70% abortion rate

A devastating abortion rate of 70% has, during the past 12 years, claimed the lives of the equivalent of one-third of Romania's stagnant population of 24 million people.

In 2002, there were 700,000 abortions accounting for well over two-thirds of the one million pregnancies recorded, both within marriage and extramarital. Canada's abortion casualty rate is closer to one-third.

Even in light of the staggering figures, Glasgow's Sunday-Herald spoke for Western media when the paper commented, "The transition for women from baby-producers to individuals in charge of their own bodies has been difficult. But now that the population fails to renew itself, the self-appointed guardians of the nation have swung into action," a dismissive reference to Romania's tiny pro-life movement.

In Romania, 75% of the couples don’t want children anymore/ În România, 75% dintre cupluri nu îşi mai doresc copii

The overwhelming majority of Romanians renounced the idea of having children. According to the first survey on generations and gender, over 75% of the questioned couples declared that they don’t want children at all or that they don’t want more children.

Gândul, July 8, 2008