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User "Maaldweb" on "Extreme Left vs. Greece"

>every Prime Minister since the fall of the center-right decades ago<

The center-right was in power between 2004-2009...Certainly not decades ago.... That little evidence shows how little you know on the subject...Yet being an ill informed individual who visited the country as a tourist (once or twice perhaps?) you make wild claims about Greek politics of which you obviously have not even an elementary knowledge...

The current prime minister of Greece is a full blown american and his first and original name was Jefferson Papandreou (he was born in the US), the family later changed it to Georgios ( this information was available on his wikipedia entry as well until a few years ago ) . He is the "greek" version of Bill Clinton, a real child of the 60s. In reality he is jewish (the maternal line of his father was jewish) and most probably his mother was jewish as well. Until recently there is clear evidence that he was renewing his US passport (...)

The center-left in Greece was developed and supported by the West. The socialist party PASOK was a 100% US creation since it was the only way the communists could be stopped from gaining astounding electoral results in the 1980s. The idea was to create a third force in Greek politics which would be between the Right and the Left, and would also use the leftwing rhetoric and would be supported by the vast majority of those who wanted economic reforms but without having red commissars and soviet troops welcomed to Greece. It is a typical US Cold War strategy which worked pretty well in Greece.
Andreas Papandreou (jewish by his mother), the founder of PASOK, spent most of his time in the US, served in the US navy and was a trotskyist (something which apparently opened all the university doors for him in the US) was always claiming that there were 2 Americas, on the one hand there was the "bad" America of the corporations, the CIA, Reagan etc and on the other hand there was the "good" America of the Kennedys, the democratic party etc. He was (according to his claims) with the "good America". For all his anti-NATO, anti-US, anti-West pre-elections rhetoric he kept Greece in NATO, he did not severe the ties with the European Economic Community and of course never expelled the US-NATO bases (and the stationed nuclear weapons) from Greece.

The socialist Papandreou dynasty was and is the sole real pro-american force in Greece. No wonder Jeffrey Papandreou (the current prime minister) essentially severed all the ties Greece had developed with Russia between 2004 and 2009.
Andreas Papandreou served US by keeping Greece in all western institutions and away from the USSR, he also did it in a few other ways but no time to mention them here. Jeffrey/Georgios Papandreou serves the "US" by supporting multiculturalism and the "Open Society" policies of Soros which essentially mean the replacement of the native Greek population with islamic/asian and african hordes. Keep in mind that until 1991 Greece was an almost 100% homogeneous country and with 98% Greek orthodox population (the rest 2% were a few catholics of ethnic Greek origin and some muslims). Now? 1/3 of the population are illegal immigrants.... Hostile foreigners who mr Papandreou due to his 1960s "american" way of understanding race and nation thinks they can be Greeks. As he said there can be Greeks of Phillipino or Somalian or Pakistani origin. As you have Americans of Japanese or Mexican origin...

I could go on writing about the behind the scenes Greek politics without stop. But I assume you get the idea....

Let me ask it again, you guys on the other side of the Atlantic if you don't understand the politics of the European countries, please abstain from expressing opinions.

PS I have many relatives in the US, half of them are married to non-greek white americans (Irish, Italians etc). The religious aspect of these weddings is indeed hilarious. The "greek-only" policy of the greek-american families is a thing of the past, third generation greek-americans are more american than greek after all.