Why Judaism Survived

From: Mail.Liberal-Judaism
Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2005
Subject: Why Judaism Survived

Studying Jewish History in a wandering way, I asked myself this. Why
did Constantine allow Jews to exist at all? He made all Pagans,
Christian and made it a capital offense to convert to Judaism,
circumsize and study Talmud Torah. It seems to me he thought that
Judaism would just go away. After all, in terms of the Roman Empire,
they were such a small minority. Another puzzlement,
why during the Dark Ages did Judaism thrive. THEN, it's like putting
two pieces of the puzzle together. Constantine was scientifically
correct. However, the Germanic tribes destroyed the empire, not too
long after standardization of Christianity and that's why we're Jews
today. First the Babylonians, then the Germanic tribes. The irony is
that it was the German tribes. In the meantime, the separated Christians
were busy figuring out how to Christianize the Germanic peoples.

I know this is too simple to be true. But every which way I read stark
history, it all makes so much sense. I think Hitler understood all this
and said there is only one way. Kill the Jews. In addition, there's a
lot of modernity in all this.

An additional question, why did these Germanic tribes invade? Seems
overpopulation and natural disasters. My source is the Encyc Britannica