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HBD Wimp-Centered View of History - Monday 29 Dec 2014

Bronze Age Pervert:

Heartiste has some good tendencies but someone eventually will have to address the cuckold/wimp-centered view of history you see in so many HBD (human biodiversity) writers like Peter Frost, Steve Sailer, and probably Greg Cochran. These are IT guys who have strong resentments of physicality and a weird relationship toward manliness (they all lack it, but where Frost seems to resent it, Sailer has some strangely erotic appreciation...still foreign though). They want to make the case that the white race or Western civilization is great because white men have evolved to be less masculine, more docile/tame, altruistic, cooperative, and possessing the sort of intelligence to do IT work or sit through an IQ test or do book-keeping.

Thus the great founders of Western civilization are not the geniuses, explorers, conquistadors, generals, etc., but the quiet, dependable, beta nerd, who is supposed to have existed in 17th C as well in the form of a craftsman or scientist or something like this (which is inaccurate; a shopkeeper would be the correct analogy, but they won't admit that). You'd call it self-serving, but in fact it's all they know...they are this way themselves, they know very little history or about the variety in regimes and cultures within Europe, and the most vivid dangers or alternatives they see are blacks on one hand and Chinese on the other. This explains nearly all their sexual neuroses and concerns and their model for evolution and for European history.

That it's a retarded view that can be disproven with consideration of a few historical facts--for example that blacks are the most reliably docile group, have been slaves to every civilization that has come in touch with them, have been recognized as good and submissive slaves, and have been recognized to prosper under slavery; or that Nordics have never been seen either as altruistic or docile by other peoples--won't change anything because unfortunately "HBD" the way it's conceived of right now is meant to fulfill some psychological or political function. And the carriers of HBD are the carriers of "game," which is largely an IT community as far as I can tell, and motivated by the same impulses. That some of these impulses may be understandable and excusable is one thing, but you can't let the male equivalent of Starr decide that the essence of Western history is "kindness to puppies."


HBD is identity politics for white collar meritocrats and normcore bloggers. The ideal society for them would be the postwar United States especially in regards to its technocratic elements (i.e. companies like MITRE which work with the US military as well as the private sector). These are people from the aspirational middle classes who primarily work in STEM, business or financial services and as such consider themselves productive members of the system. They see the current decline of the West as something that can be reversed with a few policy changes. Their ideas rarely involve a critique of a managed mass democracy, which is considered fine as long as it serves the correct demographics. As their view of human societies are reductive to only materialist and scientific interpretations, they are incapable of understanding necessary irrationalities such as myth-making and the expending of passionate energies for reasons other than increasing future safety and comfort.


HBD-ers are autistic conformists -- what is bolded being the most descriptive single word to describe a bag of separate stupidities. They would be out of place in the West and rather belong to *China*, which they secretly envy and always have some positive word for.

Great geniuses, explorers, generals and the like, have had the same values as very great scientists and technical thinkers - that is creativity. Such creativity might be expressed by different subject matters, ranging from political action to some abstruse dimension of thought. Creativity must be combined with depth, which is why "businessmen" and most engineers, despite being 'creative' in some way perhaps, are shallow and cannot be called great men. (Politics adds depth to pure action, as architectural visual content adds depth to music, and allusion depth to literature.)

These are truisms but they are completely lost on the HBD "blogosphere" - and the Chinaman, Buddhist, astrologer, etc., are as far as ever from learning it.

I have spoken before of the static society that is "Singapore". Any examination of Singapore reveals the kind of utopia that HBD beta nerds furiously masturbate to in their sleep.

Young, Male and Single - June 28, 2015

Bronze Age Pervert:

At the risk of being harsh, I have to point out that this is exactly why Peter Frost and to some extent Sailer have been called the “cuckold HBD” crowd. This article contains many half-truths and some outright lies. For example, if you actually check the relevant figure, which is children born to white mothers where the father is not white, the figure for children with “hispanic” fathers and white mothers is close to 6% and the figure with black fathers is about half that much. So if Frost wanted to focus on the problem of racial sexual competition he would mention this figure, which in fact he distorts, leaving the reader to think that the majority of the 11-20% is because of interracial mating with blacks. In fact the bulk of that 11% is with “hispanics,” which you have to put in quotation marks because my bet is that the vast majority of those are South American Spaniards and not 4’7 mestizo cholos. The figure in fact for children born to white mothers with black fathers is around 3%. I don’t know about the “undeclared” figure of around 9% but there’s no reason to assume most of those are black either.

This is par for the course, as Frost has denied in the past, for example, that there is an epidemic of vitamin D deficiency among Western populations worldwide, when there is a lot of evidence for such deficiency. But there is a pattern to his denials or distortions, which is that all of thse fuel different aspects of his cuckold fantasy; so because of this article and because of his general take on things I’d put my money on it, that he watches interracial porn and has fantasies about white male feminization, which he discusses above as if it is a real problem or “strategy,” rather than a statistical blip that is mostly the practice of a certain kind of homosexual.

One thing he doesn’t discuss at all is the problem of female obesity in the West (and the likely fact that many if not most white females who breed with or marry blacks are obese and/or aged). To any reader of heartiste or similar blogs, and any observer of day to day life in the USA, this problem of white female obesity and in general white female undesirability (disagreeableness, bitchiness, sloppiness in dress, etc.) would seem to be a much bigger problem for young single white men, but of course Frost doesn’t mention this. Why? Because white female desirability is central to his cuckold fetish, without which it would whither. Note that he compares American women to East European women, which is absurd.

Finally you should know that I don’t say these things about Frost (or Sailer) just because of this article, but because of their general, and ahistorical, take on the history of Western civilization (a more appropriate name than “white,” which was never a self-identifier except in the colonies). You can see this nonsense in the last paragraphs where he complains about “Don Juans” (as if Italian culture is not even more central to Western history and culture than NW Euro), and where he has this image of “shy” beta workalike NW Euros who “built civilization.” This is garbage, as civilization was built by alphas, not betas. This is a longer discussion, but Frost and Sailer are indeed beta IT-type guys or nerdoids who see themselves and their type as foundational to Western culture, when in fact they are another symptom of its decline. Conservatives in the 19th century were already complaining about how culture was decaying because the democratic age gave dominion to the meek shopkeeper and the calculating bourgeois. We’ve forgotten this and foolishly identify “white civilization” precisely with the meek shopkeeper. But it was not always this way, and the Viking and Finn were not seen as anything like “beta” even quite recently.

The point is this, that if Western society is indeed “beta” then it deserves to fail, and it WILL fail. The right to rule doesn’t and shouldn’t belong to accountants, shopkeepers, programmers, and timid calculators…and never did.


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