Do Genes Determine Happiness

| found out who the internet meme "Greensboro Jock" was and how he became a multimillionare business man married with kids:

Peppers wrote:

Just lol that this former Jock that injected roids at 18 ended up making it to Alpha status. You couldn't of scripted it would end up like this. This is surreal and a true sluthate fairytale story. The irony. The coping of nerds that they believe "Dumb Jocks end up working for them at 40" totally blown out of the water. Popular, athletic and liked at 18 = the tracks for success in life being made. Genetic trash framecel pubertycel manlet with a weak face, unpopular, unathletic at 18 = the tracks for life success broken and require years of repair and will always remain unstable due to bad memories.

PJGoodwater wrote:

lol seriously. Success in the business corporate world is all about CONNECTIONS, NETWORKING, getting people to like you and making them think you are the right person for the job/promotion regardless of actual skill set. As an incel your only real hope of getting rich like Gould is to pull a Cuckerburg and program some shit that everyone will use.

Otherwise as an incel you will be doing all the actual work for executive Chads while they go out to eat with clients at fancy restaurants and making deals face to face with important people. If you aren't charismatic and can get people to side with you, you will never succeed in corporate America, regardless of how hard you work


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